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When Sanity Ends

This is a hard one to describe. I wanted to do a homage to old school quake levels, using newer textures. (If that makes any sense) The following description is what the reviewers at team COTV thought of the level:

"Obviously my sanity ended long ago. So, what happens when it does that? You turn into a mapper, of course. A person has to have no sanity for him to sit in front of a computer churning out brushes. Something which I am doing right now. Life is good when you are insane.
The level, then. You'll notice something odd when entering the level. You have become... Smaller, somehow. Or is it just the scale? Maybe it's an optical illusion. No matter really. The winding corridors and huge rooms of this level still feel huge. Filled with details. It is good to rest your eyes on this piece. Playing is not bad either.

Anyway, custom textures used all the way. A bit of Q3 maybe. With a dash of something else too. Original look, yes. Bad look, no. Contrary to most levels, lighting is quite bright, except when you venture down below, where shadows are actively present. Throw three other players/bots here, and you'll be guaranteed to have a blast. As always...

The basic amount of two RLs, with powerups such as the Quad and the MH also appearing. The Quad-RA atrium feels quite different from most levels, just take one look at it and you'll understand. The action is well spread around the two main rooms, with combats also in the "basement". Health/ammo balance seems good, no major glitches there. Basically, your basic quality Borsato stuff"

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SanTzue; The art of War

This level was made after a trip to Egypt and inspired me to do something a bit different to normal.
I am not sure how that lead to this level though.

• SanTzue; The art of War

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

This was my breakthrough level. For the first time I was suddenly hit by emails from all over the world, very happy quake players telling me how much they liked this level.
I must have done something right. :-)

• Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

The Grinding of Teeth - Single player edition -

This was good fun actually. I converted a samll older level I did to a mini single player level.

• The Grinding of Teeth - Single player edition

The Grinding of Teeth

This was the original deathmatch level I based the above on.

• The Grinding of Teeth


My very first released quake level. I remember scanning the review sites feverishly to see how the reaction to it was. To my amazement it got maximum points in its first review. It seems silly now but this was one of the happiest days of my life :-)

• Vendetta!

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