Below you will information on all the games I have worked on over the years.
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Eufloria. Click on image to enter.

• My first release as an independent game developer. Developed by myself and Alex May, with music from Milieu, this is a dream come true. The game is a highly original space conquest and exploration game with wonderful graphics and music, and I am extremely proud of it. It is getting very good press and player reactions, and it shows what can be done if you stick to personal creative ideals rather than follow the whims of a marketing department. Hopefully many mode indie games will follow..
Championship Manager 2010

cm10. Click on image to enter.

• I have done a lot of work on this one before I lefft and it seems to review well. One of my fave bits I have designed is the scouting system, which seems to work nicely..
Championship Manager 2008

cm08. Click on image to enter.

• This is on sale now. Did quite a bit of different things on this, although I am putting more actual design in the sequel, which I am working on now with the peeps at BGS.
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar. Click on image to enter.

• Best fun I had in a long time. A lovely 6 game pack with retro cool gameplay and graphics, developed as lead designer at Curve Studios. I did all the design on that one, which was nice.
Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire

GOF. Click on image to enter.

• This is going to hit the shops all over the world fairly soon. It looks to be the highest selling game I have ever worked on.

Stolen. Click on image to enter.

• The previous game I worked on, a high profile 3rd person stealth game. Considering the circumstances it was made under, I am proud of the final game. :-)

Deadlight. Click on image to enter.

• I did further work on this excellent demo for a first person survival horror game. One of the most enjoyable projects I have been involved in since I worked in the industry.
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Click on image to enter.

• My first job as a professional in the games industry. I doubt I will ever again be able to work with such fine and talented people ever again in my life. The source material itself was also rather good.
Quake Levels

Quake levels. Click on image to enter.

• This is what got the ball rolling for me. Levels made for the quake scene, played by 1000s of people online. Ahhhh those happy innocent days. :-)
Lego Bionicles ps2

Lego bionicles. Click on image to enter.

• I worked a few months on this game but decided after a few months that it was not going to work out for me. Let's talk about something else.
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