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They are among us …

Robots, doppelgangers, homunculi’s, golems, Frankenstein’s monster, changelings … these are all manifestations of people’s subconscious preoccupation with imposters. Some are benign, others not so much. Read More

Wrong, right

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This is not a seascape. It may look like one, but it really isn’t. For a while I had no idea what it actually was, and I didn’t care because it was a blurry mess. So I discarded it, like I discard a very large portion of the shots I take. Sometimes because I missed focus, sometimes because they are blurred, sometimes because they are badly exposed, and sometimes simply because they are bad photos. But here’s the thing; occasionally it’s not the photo that is “wrong”, it’s me. I just didn’t see through the initial impression it gave me to see its true value underneath.

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Solaris Red

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Red is by far my favourite colour. Unsurprisingly, it pops up all time in my photos, and I suspect it always will. Check out my portfolios, especially the MISC series, to see numerous examples.

Interestingly, having shot a lot of red subjects on film, it has become clear to me that film stock is incredibly important when it comes to capturing red. A rather unsurprising statement, as film stock is probably the most important choice wrt to the general “look” of one’s photos. Not only does stock matter, it also matter how you expose it. Some emulsions change how they render red when you over or under expose it, or just shoot it at box speed. It’s one way of manipulating the final outcome. All good fun, but the quest for the “perfect red” remains active for me. Kodak Ektar often comes close, but it’s not a very forgiving film. Slide film like Fuji’s Velvia 50 can be great but is very restrictive. Kodak Portra 800 seems very good, but it’s expensive. Read More


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When I was a boy growing up in the eighties I often went exploring in the woods on the edge of my home town in the Netherlands. In those days it was normal for relatively young children to go out and explore, unsupervised by adults. I was simply told “Be back before dinner!” It’s something we lost I think; the freedom to discover the world on our own terms. Read More