In a dream-come-true scenario; my debut sci-fi novel “Birds of Paradise” will be has been published (as of 7th of July - 2023), by the hoopy froods at Elsewhen Press.

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Classical sci-fi, intriguing aliens, interstellar hijinks and adventure, strong female protagonist, space operatic vibes, cyberpunky elements … all mashed together into a big fat love letter to the genre.

The story follows Jemm and Clint Delaney; an elite mother-and-son space salvage team, specialising in alien artifacts.

Teaming up with a misfit crew, they set off on a mission designed to secure their future. Instead, they find themselves hunted by powerful forces, and at the centre of a shocking mystery.

Publisher: Elsewhen Press - Genre: Sci-Fi - Publishing Date: Q1 2023


My second novel is different in almost every way. Set in 1630s Japan, this historical novel follows a teenage girl and her older female warrior companion, as they embark on a shared quest. They each pursue their own agendas in a world in flux and increasingly hostile to women.

I spent over a year researching this book, aiming to write a literary novel that shines a light on Japan’s (barely known in the west) historical warrior women class, while also offering an engaging coming-of-age story, with surprising parallels to modern times.

Publisher: In Submission - Genre: Historical Fiction - Publishing Date: TBD

DESTRIER (Working Title)

My third novel is dark, fantastical, weird, and full of sex and magic and surprises. It's very much its own creature, but its DNA contains traces of Clive Barker, Clark Ashton Smith, Tanith Lee, and other teachers of the dark arts.

Please keep an eye on my blog for updates!

Publisher: Early writing stages - Genre: Dark Fantasy - Publishing Date: TBD