About me, myself, and I!

I’m a BAFTA nominated veteran game developer, author, photographer, producer, father, husband, cat person, filmmaker, dog person, and consultant. (Not necessarily in that order). Originally of Dutch/Spanish descent, I currently live and works as an interactive entertainment consultant and author in Canterbury in the United Kingdom.

I’ve worked with clients across the entertainment landscape for more than 22 years, including companies like Lionsgate Studios, Framestore and Electronic Arts, providing design and consultancy work for some of the biggest intellectual properties in the world.

I’ve written a textbook on game design (published by CRC Press), a gaggle of short stories, two novels, several screenplays, and an abundance of video game narratives.

I continue to write short-and-longform sci-fi, horror, weird fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, and whatever other genre or muse I succumb to, and plan to do so until the sun dims, or my time on Earth passes. (Whichever comes first)