Level Design; Concept, Theory, and Practice

My level design book, originally published in 2009, is still going strong. In fact, due to demand I’m now writing a 2nd edition. Designed to be technology agnostic, this book provides a strong and practical basis for anyone interested in designing levels for video games, and beyond.

From the blurb: "Good or bad level design can make or break any game, so it is surprising how little reference material exists for level designers. Beginning level designers have a limited understanding of the tools and techniques they can use to achieve their goals, or even define them.

This book is the first to use a conceptual and theoretical foundation to build such a set of practical tools and techniques. It is tied to no particular technology or genre, so it will be a useful reference for many years to come.

Kremers covers many concepts universal to level design, such as interactivity, world building, immersion, sensory perception, pace, and more, and he shows how to apply these concepts in practical ways, with many examples from real games."

Publisher: Taylor and Francis/CRC Press - Game Design - Publishing Date: 2009