Due to my restless nature and lack of writerly discipline I’m always exploring additional types of writing. Poetry, music lyrics, and other forms have held my interest in the past, but I’ve been especially keen on exploring the comics format.

An old project of mine that I would like to revive one day is “Spire”, an epic Science-Fantasy work, centred around the lives and travails of a group of gifted and persecuted inhabitants on a giant spire structure, reaching out of the water on an ocean planet.

I’ve attempted a few times to make this, together with a number of very talented artists, but sadly had to shelve it after a number of setbacks.

I’d like to revisit it one day, especially since I already outlined the entire three-volume arc, but comics are notoriously had to produce. Perhaps I will convert it into a series of novels instead. Please enjoy the following samples:

Spire Comics Sample Art