Games Work

I have been making games for fun since the 1980s (1984 to be precise), and professionally since the year 2000. In those years, especially the last 22 years in the UK games industry at companies like Electronic Arts and The Digital Village, I have been involved in and designed many narrative systems, and written countless stories and story entries.

Additionally, I have been doing consultancy work in games, interactive entertainment, and virtual experiences. All of which requiring narrative work of one kind or another.

Recent examples include work I’ve done with Framestore on a VR experience for Lionsgate Entertainment World in China: Dauntless Fear Simulator , as well as designing narrative systems and content for Wolfire Games for their Receiver series.

To find out more please visit my games development and consultancy company website here: Omni Systems Limited. Omni Systems Limited

Dauntless Fear Simulator